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Putting On The Armor of God (Part 8)

Posted by on April 28, 2021 0

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Redeemed Christian Church of God
Prince of Peace Parish
21 Odetunde Street, Fagba, Iju Station Rail Line
Digging Deep (Bible Study)
Topic; Putting on the Armor (Part8)
27th April 2021
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In this series, we have been looking closely at the component parts of the Armor of God and why it is essential for the Christian who desires constant victory not only to realise its utmost importance but also to put the whole armor on always.
Today, we shall be studying the Breastplate of Righteousness. We pray that the Lord will teach us Himself in Jesus name.

1. Human Righteousness cannot meet God’s standard.
The word of God states that man’s righteousness is worth nothing and in fact can only be compared with a filthy rag.
Eph.6v14. Is.64v6. Hab.1v13. Rom3v21-22. 2Cor.5v21. Rom.10v5. Rom.5v17. Gal.5v22. Rom.8v9. Amos. 3v3. Heb12v14. 1Peter.1v15-16.
We are not righteous without Jesus because it is the blood of Jesus that has qualified and sanctified us. There is no sin Jesus cannot forgive in as much as we come to Him with a repentant heart.
Remember God’s Holy eyes turned away when Jesus became burdened with our sins.
We need to accept Jesus Christ into our lives if God is truly our Father.

2. Why every believer must put on the Breastplate.
Righteousness apart from ensuring peace for the Christian also empowers him to confront and overcome the enemy.
Prov.28v1. Ps53v4-5. Job.1v8-10. Is48v22. Matt.5v16. Ps34v17-19. Ps.66v18. Ps.119v11. Ps.16v11. Gal.5v16-18.
Because the God we serve is holy, we are to work towards perfection. For us to be His own we have to accept Him, and since your focus is eternal don’t envy others(unbelievers especially).
Sin brings many things upon men, sometimes all we need is to walk/work with God, without faith no man can please the Lord. Can God boast of you or are you an unstable son?
With Christ you’ll be bold to challenge challengers.

3. The Powers of a Child of God- Mark.16v15-18.
The Lord Jesus saved his disciple on the cross, died, resurrected and then ascended into Heaven leaving them behind. They were to remain and do some job dear to his heart. In order to do this job they will need security as well as skill and ability. All these were encapsulated in five (5) powers stated in this Scripture.

A. Five signs are evidence of the operation of five powers working in the Holy Ghost.
Mark.16v15-18. 1John.2v4. Mark.11v22-23. 1John.14v13-14. Rom.12v14. Ps.34v1. Luke.10v19. Mal.4v3. Ps91v12. Heb.9v13.
God has given us these powers
1. Cast out devils
2. Speak with new tongues
3. Take up serpents
4. No deadly harm shall hurt them
5. Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

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We have to be careful therefore not to play away our opportunities like Esau did because, invariably when we dispense facilities like these five powers, people end up crying tears of regret. The Lord will not give us tears of regret in Jesus name.

B. Some of the reasons why these powers will not work are easily avoidable.
Hosea.4v6. Prov29v18. Matt5v3-5. In.15v6. Jude.1v20-21. Ps.103v8.


Reasons why these powers will not work is because some don’t have faith which forces them to move from ministry to ministry, instead of initiating a walk/work with God in holiness. 

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