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Believers Foundation Class with Bishop David Oyedepo

Posted by on April 14, 2021 0

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Date: 12/04/21
Subject: Believers Foundation School


(I) Teacher Adereti: The Word, Praying to Get Result.

(II) Teacher Apata :Faith that Works,


The Word of God is the food of the spirit to grow, just like the physical body needs regular food to grow.

We are God’s building and the height of any building depends on its foundation.
(Psalm 11vs3)

Believers Foundation School is a prophetic Class which consists of six subjects in all.

Class 1:

The Word: Pastor Adereti

The Bible is the express word of God, the voice of God is behind every word in the Bible: the word of God in print. The more sure word of prophecy, which can be used to check any other word. The only truth.

The Holy Spirit is the writer of the Bible; our manual for living and principal destiny maker, made by the word of God.

(IITimothy 3vs16-17). The reproof to check when going the wrong way.

(IIPeter, 1vs19-21). Holy Spirit is the writer of the Bible using human vessels.

Just as foundation is indispensable to any building that will last, so is the word of God for any Christian that will live a colorful life.

Foundations dont just happen on their own, they are deliberately made to happen.

Importance of studying the Word
1. To grow as a believer you must keep studying the Word– it is the key to growth and development (IPeter, 2vs2)

2. Your faith increases and produces in proportions to your encounters with the Word of God. (Romans 10vs17), but in fellowship, faith cometh by hearing and ‘understanding‘ the word of God.

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3. If you must develop a strong and effective prayer life you must study the word. (Daniel, 9:2-3)

4. It takes the Word to create your own world and type of life you want to live.

5. Proffers solutions to every lifes problems (Isaiah, 34vs16). Bible has answers to every problems of life. .

Steps to Effective Word Study
(Ecclesiastes, 10vs15)

1. Get a full Bible and writing materials
(Proverbs 23vs23)

2. Develop an organized way of studying, e.g book in the Bible, character, daily guide.

3. Choose an appropriate time and place conducive to enhance maximum study.

4. Rely heavily on the Holy Spirit to teach you
(John, 14vs26).

How do I put the Word to work

1. Through meditation, simply means to ponder (reflect) upon what you’re reading. Paying attention to God’s word with the intention of putting it to practice. (Joshua, 1vs8). Through meditation you receive revelation.

2. Personalize the Word. Relate the Word to your personal situation.
(John, 2vs5).

3. Visualize the Word– having a mental picture of what the Lord is saying. Go beyond hearing to see the Word manifest.
(Isaiah, 2vs1).

4. Let the word of God dwell in you richly.
(Colossians, 3vs16).


Class 2:

Faith that works: Teacher Apata
(Hebrews, 11vs1).

The faith that works doesn’t see what is not working.- God said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Faith is a display of confidence in God, and His word until our desired result is obtained.

Faith is not boldness, it is a reliance on the word of God.
(Hebrews, 10vs35-36).

Faith is obeying God to prove that you believe Himself, so as to commit Him to make good His promise.
(John, 2vs5-11: 13vs2).

Those who work in faith get the most answers from God.
(IPeter, 5vs8-9: 1John, 5vs4)

Why do we need Faith?
1. To have all our needs met.
(Mark, 11vs24)
2. To overcome the devil.

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How do we contact Faith?
(Hebrews, 10vs38: Romans, 1vs17: Habakkuk, 2vs4).

You need to build your own faith
Revelation of God’s word, revelation backed faith.(Romans, 10vs17).

All powers is given to Jesus, the devil only has tricks.

3rd Class:

Praying to Get Result
(Matthew, 6vs9-15)
Sample prayer Jesus taught His disciples, Prayer has to be taught.

1. Adoration- Praising the Lord, Start your prayer
2. Sanctification/ Confession.
3. Thanksgiving
4. Supplication

Parameters of Prayers
Prayers rest on the word and on our faith. If you cant exercise your faith, you cant experience the Word.

Say the right thing, prevail in the spirit and we will prevail in the physical.

Subject of Prayer is important, even for the most anointed Jesus to fulfill destiny. Jesus was always found in the attitude of prayer.

Prayer has to be Taught!

There is a right way to pray, you must acquire the skill of prayers.

What to do with prayers? Provoke divine intervention on the basis of God’s word.

What is Prayer?
Prayer is divine communion between God and man.
(Genesis, 18vs22-23).
Father Abraham’s intercession on behalf of sodomites. Prayer is talking to God, and hearing from God.
(Jeremiah, 33vs3)
Tarry in the house of God to hear him.

Prayer puts God to remembrance of His Word.
(Isaiah, 43vs26)

When Should We Pray?
1. We are expected to pray always
(IThessalonians, 5vs17)

2. As we get the prompting (necessary)
3. Talk to God on a daily basis.

Why should we Pray?
1. We are admonished by the word of God to pray because Prayer is the lifestyle of Jesus and if we’re to follow His examples, then we must also pray.
(IPeter, 2vs21)

2. To lay hold on our blessings.
(Matthew, 7vs7)

3. Silence away satanic opposition
(Matthew, 26)

4. Pray for breakthrough-
(IChronicles, 4vs9-10)

Basic requirements for Answered Prayers!
I. Live in the fear of the Lord
(Psalm, 66vs18)
2. Begin with Praise & Adoration
(Psalm, 100vs4).

3. Ask in Faith.
(Hebrews, 11vs6: Mark, 11vs24)

4. Ensure total forgiveness of your offenders.

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(Matthew, 6vs12: Mark, 11vs25)

5. Be Specific.

Believers Foundation Classes notably precedes the world famous World of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI)

Facilitated by Peace Onyetorochi

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